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Arma 2 Raccoon City

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Chernarus is in a state of political unrest, with its democratic government trying to keep from being overthrown by pro-communist rebels. Among the most powerful ... Read more of these rebels is a group calling themselves the "Chernarussian Movement of the Red Star" (Chernarusskiy Dvizheniye Krasnoy Zvezdy), abbreviated as ChDKZ. Referred to by the locals as the "Chedakis", the ChDKZ are led by communist revolutionary, Gregori "Akula" (English: Shark) Lopotev. After many months of civil war, the ChDKZ fails to overthrow the current government and establish the Socialist Republic of Chernarus. [clarification needed] The Chernarussian government asks the international community for assistance in defeating the rebels, and the United States responded by sending a U. S. Navy Expeditionary Strike Group off the coast of Chernarus, hoping that a presence of an Amphibious Ready Group with hundreds of U. S. Marines stationed on board would calm any tensions in the area. However, the ChDKZ remains undeterred, and by late 2009 the ChDKZ launch a coup d'état against the Chernarussian government, taking control of the northeastern Chernarussian province of South Zagoria. This caused the remaining Chernarussian military forces in the area to retreat towards the inland town of Zelenogorsk.

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